At present the following products includes Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):

  1. EFT Coaching:  Individual sessions.Contact us to book your session. 60-90 minutes.
  2. EFT seminars/workshops: Inspirational seminar, including EFT and other less known highly efficient techniques. 1-3 hours. Examples of topics:

    • Hyper-Effective Stress Management
    • EFT for Techies and other SkepticsSara taps the Karate chop
    • EFT for Trauma Debriefing
    • EFT for Pain Disorders
    • EFT for Peak Performance in Sports
    • EFT for Peak Performance at Work
    • EFT for Peak Performance at Home
    • EFT for Weight Issues
    • EFT for Stress due to Medical Issues
    • EFT for Work, Career and Life Transition issues
    • EFT for Personal Empowerment and Self-Awareness
    • EFT for Changing Unwanted Habits and Behaviors
    • EFT for Addiction & Recovery
    • EFT for Conflict Resolution
    • (If you lack a topic, ask for it. It might be possible to get it done in time for your event.)
  3. GO EFT Tapping: An EFT app for Iphone downloadable at Itunes App Store. Download here. (Iphone 3, 4 and 5, iPad and iPod is supported at present)
  4. Personligt Ledarskap för Måluppfyllare. A Swedish facilitated program  in personal leadership which also takes use of EFT in two of nine modules. This program is for the corporates and organizations in Sweden.
  5. Becoming a Goal Achiever: A video coaching course, delivered to your email on a weekly basis. 16 modules. EFT is used in two of the modules to expand on goal setting and to help remove obstacles for goal achieving. This course is primarily for you as a private person.