Customer Stories

I can attest that this method really works. After only one session, can I deal with my fear of heights in a whole new way! I now feel calm and confident when I think of, or get up on, high altitudes. Many thanks! Rene Lambin, IT Operations Manager, Capio S:t Görans Sjukhus

“I started the first EFT session with a very strong sense of inadequacy and guilt. After tapping with Sara, I felt like I was ready to climb Mount Everest. I had also before the session worked five minutes with my body image according to Sara’s instructions. After having had very strong feelings of discomfort before standing in front of the mirror all my life, now I feel at the mere thought of the mirror that I’m “pretty nice”. I sense that I stand with prouder posture and I smile delighted at the sight of myself. It is much faster to choose clothes for work in the mornings nowadays. Amazing! “
Maria, Youthworker, Sweden

Freedom from headaches and relief in mind. Her approach helped me focus on what is important; I went from a heavy head to light mind within 15 minutes. The tapping helped me think and feel differently.”
Camilla Lidqvist, Entrepreneur, Göteborg

I just completed the intro; map lesson and my own session. The app functioned without issue and i got a noticeable reduction in the trouble i was working on. I appreciate tools that work! MTblueslover, brand new to app (Extract from GO EFT Tapping reviews at iTunes)

“Since I went to you last time (first EFT session) I have managed to reduce my medicine radically.
absolutely incredible!!”

Woman with whiplash, neck support and many years of severe pain.

“Sara told me she could perhaps help me with my phobia for dogs and small animals, that I achieved after a scary incident in my childhood.. When meeting dogs on the pavement, I used to change side of the road. I fled the room if a cat entered. Sara tapped with me 45 minutes until I felt calm, completely calm when returning to thoughts of the incident. As we left the EFT session we passed a room with her cat laying down. I felt completely calm passing by, and as Sara encouraged me to pat the cat, I could do so feeling completely peaceful! I really look forward to see what happens when I meet a dog next time!
Sara Eliasi, Nurse assistant, Norway

Sara Bern coached me in the use of EFT to cure my gluten intolerance. If I ate wheat, I would suffer severe stomach pain for up to three days afterward. Sara went deeply into the issues I was having about my problems with gluten and the history of the problem. With great sensitivity and empathy she used her analytical skills and EFT techniques to conquer this problem for good. I’m so pleased with the results – how wonderful to enjoy food again without fear. She has also showed me how to use EFT in daily life to great effect. Five stars for Sara and her work. I highly recommend her.
Kim Kostka McKay, Professor, Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, USA

I came to Sara with a very intense pain in my heel, causing me to wear a sturdy foot brace up to my knee and a crutch. It was extremely frustrating, since I knew from experience that this intense pain would usually remain a couple of weeks. After merely one session I felt completely at ease and could cast the foot brace and crutch aside and walk away free.
Erica Atwood-Hanson, Sjuksköterska

The direct side effects of my cancer treatment disappeared completely, thanks to the EFT tapping. How wonderful to get rid of the nausea as well as temperature sensitive hands and feet! And I need a lot less pain killers than before.
Astrid, 76 years, Pancreas cancer Stage 4 patient