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Sara Bern – Advanced EFT & MET Practitioner and coach

       Certified EFT practitioner

Sara Bern is a certified Advanced EFT & MET Practitioner and an independent licensed Life Success Consultant. She has taken the TTT Trauma Tapping course. She is also a Certified IT architect and holds a Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering with a specialty in Industrial Economics.

Sara’s passion is helping people be and do more of what they truly want. This is accomplished through coaching, inspirational seminars, courses and change programs. EFT is an embedded, optional part of her coaching services, together with Emotrance. EFT and coaching can be done also per Skype or telephone sessions.

She has more than 25 years of international experience in telecommunications, computing and finance from organizations in the private and the public sector. She has a vast experience of managing and developing people. Her responsibilities have been commercial, technical as well as operational in nature.

This background gives Sara the best position to give you a solid understanding of what EFT is and how it can actually be possible to get the remarkable results that EFT often provides, from both a scientific and a philosophical point of view.

She is now CEO of Golden Opportunity and board member of the EFT Association – Swedish Association For Professional EFT practitioners and Tapping methods.




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How Emotional Freedom Technique helped me overcome my lifelong food sensitivity. Literally overnight!

I overcame lifelong allergy (food intolerance) and severe sleeping problems that eventually drove me to a burnout.

My self esteem had always been result oriented. As a mother of three allergic children and working full time in a high responsible position, I deepened my own food allergies and developed more. Finally we didn’t tolerate about 20 sorts of food. Imagine traveling or sending the kids to friends and birthday parties ending up in nights and days with excruciating stomach pain, rashes, eczema and terrible tantrums… Simultaneously I had numerous activities at home and had assumed a new promotion with international personal responsibility.

In summary, for many years, I worked like a dog, tended to my family and reduced more and more of my personal pleasures. I hardly got any proper sleep for 7 very long years. I would wake up for absolutely no noise at all, adrenaline rushing through the veins. I kept neglecting the signals.

The burglary at work became the tipping point. A large unknown number of computers under my responsibility where stolen, far more than I had available and the Stock Exchange using them absolutely had to be up uninterrupted by Monday, 8 AM.

The burnout lasted 6 months.

After My Complete Burnout
I Decided To Do Something About It!!!

I was determined to get back on track again as soon as possible and in a better shape than ever. With me I also carried a desire to reach my goal of changing work to something which was more aligned with my core values, be able to work less and still earn the same pay as I had during the days at the Stock Exchange.

Returning to my youth hobby during burnout rehab, I learned more about the human mind, behavior and results and started applying the principles on myself, family and friends.

By chance, I attracted (!) a free seminar revealing the secrets beyond the Law of Attraction and decided to learn more. It helped me recover as well as rebuild my new life.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) came my way

Using these principles, I attracted (some say: stumbled upon…) a method called EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, which helped free myself of my allergies literally over night, believe it or not. At a conference where I had for a week been unable to completely avoid thing I didn´t tolerate, I had reached a terrible state. I was in constant pain, had rashes, my stomach ached constantly, I hardly got any sleep and was in a terrible mood.I was open for any solution.

I then met a lady who showed me the EFT technique and in addition showed me where to find more information. I gladly payed her handsomely.

At the EFT session I felt something happen in my body. It was like lukewarm water running through my body. As an engineer I didn’t trust the sensation, had to be proven.  I thus went out that night and ordered everything that I could find on the menu that I normally couldn’t tolerate:  Tomatoes, Lemons, Milk, Cheese etc.

Oh, what had I done?!

In my bed before I got to sleep I got second thoughts of how wise that move had been. I was supposed to have my major presentation the next day!

I silently tapped the basic EFT tapping protocol once more and went to sleep.

  • No reactions.
  • Ever since…
  • Basically.

If I have sensed anything suspicious in that direction after that night, it has been a bleak memory of how if was before. And I have easily been able to tap away that bleak memory, using EFT.

My family learned how to EFT

The week after my first EFT session, there was a free Tapping Summit webinar on the web. I attained all sessions and tapped along with experts from all over the world on all topics they brought up.

I got so fascinated that I learned EFT myself and helped my kids clear out their allergies as well. My eldest daughter was clear of her food sensitivity within 2 weeks. It took a month to clear my son and within three months, the youngest daughter was free of her symptoms. The EFT webinars also taught me how to cope with stress.

My doubts disappeared and I become fully convinced of the excellence and elegance of this method. I took all courses I could find in EFT and related methods.

Now I am Certified Advanced MET practitioner, EFT Practitioner, EmoTrance Practitioner, BSFF Practitioner. This in combination with my leadership and coaching experience give me a good background to tap with others to help them with their professional and well as private matters.

Now I can rightfully claim to be a healthy, wealthy and happy goal achiever. I live a life in accordance with my values and I am learning to attract more good things…

Contact me to find out how EFT can help you break free from unnecessary limitations. How you can start to live your life more in flow with more peak performance and vibrant health!