About EFT Tapping

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT Tapping is a quick method to gently find and eliminate emotional limitations and it creates permanent improvement through stimulation of acupuncture points, by tapping with the fingertips.

EFT is the evidence-based, acupressure similar method that freed me from my own food intolerance, literally overnight. And then it helped me liberate my three kids of their food intolerance and food allergies as well. No wonder then that EFT has quickly become my favorite method for removing blocks and limitations. I try it on everything and it works most of the times.

Empirically EFT has proven to be effective on 85-90% of the ones trying. Even though EFT is designed to work on and for emotional limitations, it often has a positive spin off on physical problems and limitations. This is most likely because mental limitations put blocks on our innate healing capacity. EFT tapping is for example by Dr. Dawson Church proven to considerably lower the stress hormone levels of for example Cortisol, with as much as 24% during a tapping session, unlike other talking therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Since stress is an underlying cause of many physical ailments, lowering the cortisol may help the body recover quickly.

EFT reduces the stress response in the body. With less stress, psychological problems are improved, and then the digestive, reproductive and muskloskeletala systems are releasef from the biological requirements of the “fight-flight-freeze” response and they can return to normal function. (Church 2009)

According to Church (2013), several studies have used EEG to measure the objective effects of EFT treatment. What has been observed is (Swingel, Pulo & Swingle, 2004; Lambrou, Pratt & Chevalier, 2003):

  • a reduction in the frequencies associated with PTSD, and
  • an increase of EEG frequencies related to relaxation as well as
  • from EMG measurement a significant relaxation of the trapezius muscle.

This indicates that EFT regulates the body’s stress response via the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA axis).

Many times EFT works so incredibly fast and unexpectedly that it is considered miraculous. Sometimes you have to be persistent to get proper effect. You may have to tap on an issue several times from different perspectives until it fades away. Even if it works often on a person, there are times or issues that does not let themselves to be cleared away. That does not render the method useless. You may benefit from the tapping support of a seasoned EFT practitioner. You may choose to book me for that purpose.

So enjoy EFT, have fun with it. Try it on anything! If tapping becomes overwhelming, stop it and take contact with a seasoned EFT practitioner to support you. There are many ways EFT can be made extremely gentle and still be very effective.

On this page you can choose EFT intro to get a deeper generic explanation on how the EFT tapping process is conducted and how you prepare for it and follow up afterwards. On the second button, you may prepare your own specific tapping, by recording your own issue, your own disturbing feeling or symptom. You also record how intense that disturbance is. Your recordings are then embedded in a customized, guided tapping. On the third button: Book EFT, you can send us an email to book an EFT session with an experienced EFT practitioner.


GO EFT Tapping procedure

Now, the EFT procedure is relatively simple. What is your disturbing feeling or symptom? We call this ” XXX” for now. ” XXX” may be ANGRY, SAD, AFRAID or PAIN, STIFFNESS or whatever symptom you are working on. How intense if that feeling or symptom? We call that SUD, Subjective units of Disorder. For example: How afraid are you when you think about that issue on a scale from 0 to 10 where 10 is the worst.

You then take three deep breaths and start tapping. Take the index finger and the middle finger on one hand and start tapping on the karate chop point on the other hand. You will repeat out loud after me, and the XXX will be exchanged for the symptom or feeling in your own set up phrase.

  • Even if I am, feel or have this ”XXX”, I accept myself and my feelings completely

This sentence is repeated 3 times while tapping on the karate chop point.

Thereafter you continue tapping on the other points, 7-10 times on each point while repeating after me:

  • On top of your head…”This XXX”
  • Inside of the eyebrow…”This XXX”
  • Side of the eye, on the bone at the side of the eye: ”This XXX”
  • Under the eye…”This XXX”
  • Under the nose ”This XXX”
  • The chin…”This XXX”
  • The sore point, or just make your hand big and aim at where you would tie your tie knot and say:  ”This XXX”
  • Under your arm, about one hand under the armpit, where the braline would be if you had one: ”This XXX”
  • On the inside of your sleeve, about where the watchband would be…”This XXX”

Take a deep breath afterwards.

Check your SUD level after this first round of tapping. How intense is the feeling or symptom now on a scale from 0-10, where 10 is worst?

Did any other feelings or issues pop up, that are more intense right now? Write them down in that case and tap on them.

Note that it does not really matter which hand or which side of the body you are tapping. The energy meridians are connected so when you are tapping on one side of the body, the other side is also affected. So make yourself comfortable. Swap as you please. Have fun tapping!

Tapping on the remaining feeling or symptom

If your feelings or symptoms persist after the first tapping round, you tap on the remaining parts.  Your set up phrase is then: Even if I still am, feel or have this ”XXX”, I accept myself and my feelings completely. The reminder phrase is: This remaining XXX may leave now.

Continue tapping the points and repeat the reminder phrase until the intensity is at least 3 or lower. If you still lower the intensity by each round, I suggest you keep at it until the symptom is gone or the imagination does not evoke that same strong feeling anymore when thinking about the triggering situation.

GO EFT Bridge© method

Should the problem persist, you may consider using the GO EFT Bridge© method, which is outside the scope of this application. Having neutralized the negative/disturbing emotion, you might want to install a preferred reaction instead. You may learn how to install a so called Emotional Bridge between your habitual reaction and your preferred reaction. GO EFT Bridge© method will make it easier for you to react in your new preferred way when the trigger comes, instead of in the old destructive way.

At first after having done this, you will be more aware of your destructive habitual reaction after it happens.

After a while you will notice your reaction while you are actually in the situation.

Finally your preferred reaction will become your new constructive habitual reaction. Lovely!

Now GO EFT Tapping!



I don’t see EFT as a substitute for regular medical care, rather a complement. If you break a leg, call 112 to get medical help to correct your leg and tap on your pain. If you have a chronic disease, contact your medical doctor to ask if acupuncture could in any way worsen the condition. If not, then go ahead and tap. If you see improvements, discuss with your doctor about a controlled reduction of your medicine. Don’t expect the doctor to be very positive of your sudden improvements. Many doctors find it hard to believe in the efficacy of EFT. However, many doctors promote EFT in spite of lack of clinical studies. Many clinical studies are underway and look very promising. For example the cortisol effect I talked about. These doctors0 promote EFT since the empirical proofs from all over the world are so many and so convincing and the reported side effects are so few and trivial. The usual side effect is that you get thirsty, and temporarily tired. Just as from any acupuncture session. And you can live with that, cant you? EFT is more efficient when you are not dehydrated, Water also helps expelling waste products from the body,so see to that you drink water before, during and after EFT.