Peak Performance and Stress Reduction with EFT Tapping

Use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for Peak Performance and Stress Reduction at work, in sports and at home.

You may with EFT Tapping enjoy remarkable and often very quick improvement in results in the below areas. Many of my own clients and friends have already enjoyed the experience.

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EFT targets your feelings towards your problem or physical symptom. EFT often alleviates the physical symptom itself, even if no guarantees can be given.

You may check out my family´s own remarkable EFT story, from severely food intolerant to perfectly healthy here.

Peak Performance with EFT Tapping app (now also Arabic language support):

Sometimes EFT works so unexpectedly fast and efficient, for curing emotionally based ailments, that people often call it miraculous, even though I don’t have a magic wand at my disposal.

The curing effect is achieved by your tapping with your own fingers on a couple of special points on the body, combined with effective mental training (visualization and affirmations).

  • Sometimes it takes repeated EFT sessions with a seasoned practitioner or regular self-help sessions to keep symptoms at bay.
  • Sometimes healing occurs when your own natural physical healing mechanisms are made free to work its own way, and your body may then display results a while after the session.
  • For the same person, some issues may be healed right away, others take time or does not respond.

So be patient and tolerant.

EFT often enhances both conventional medicine, alternative practices, nutrition and regular exercise in a beneficial way. I see it as a complementary method as well as a first aid for emotional and physical stress. It could really be part of all first aid education due to its wide applicability, efficiency, availability and safety.

EFT as First Aid for emotional stress

Scientific statistics:

  • Pain: Average reduction -68%
  • Depression: Average reduction -74%
  • Anxiety: Average reduction -42%
  • Phobias: Average reduction -68%
  • PTSD: Average reduction -51%
  • Cravings (e.g. for Food, Chocolate, Alcohol, Cigarettes): Average reduction -83%
  • Cortisol: Average reduction -24%

EFT effectively lowers your body’s level of stress hormone, which may explain part of the extreme efficiency of the method. Cortisol goes down with as much as 24% during one session, as Dr. Dawson Church has proven in clinical randomized scientific trials.

Dr. Church, PhD, said that tapping “gives you the best of both worlds, body and mind, like getting a massage during a psychotherapy session.”

Sara BernContact me to find out how EFT can help you break free from unnecessary limitations. How you too can start to live your life more in flow with more peak performance and vibrant health!Certified EFT practitioner

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